A Selwyn dairy farm tested positive for Mycoplasma bovis after the bacteria was found through standard bulk tank milk background screening. In April and August there was cause to celebrate with no known infections. Deputy director general for Biosecurity New Zealand Stuart Anderson says the find was unsurprising as more finds were expected during spring testing. He says it does not undermine progress towards eradication. The farm has just over a 1000 dairy cows and a number of them had tested positive after the milk tank find. The programme requires the entire herd to be culled, The eradication programme is halfway through the 10-year eradication programme and one confirmed infected property compares with 40, at the height of the outbreak in 2018. During the past four years there had been a total of 271 confirmed properties with 176,325 cattle culled. MPI says farmers have been compensated for their losses with $250 million paid for over 2909 claims to date.