A website is giving elderly or retire farm dogs a new lease of life. Retired Working Dogs was launched in 2012 and has found homes for hundreds of dogs across New Zealand. A common reason for retired working dogs being euthanised was they worked on a big station, where shepherds had a cap on the number of dogs they could have. Dogs are also too “stiff and sore” to work and become distressed when having to stay home, after seeing the rest of the pack go out. Putting down a loyal working dog is hard for farmers and the charity gives farmers the option of a new life for the dog. “They love the idea of it being well looked after and being able to sleep in front of a fire for the rest of its days.” One Bearded collie called Floss took about a month to realise she was allowed to enter the house and sit by the fire. You can find out more at retiredworkingdogs.org.nz.