A young farm worker whose leg became trapped in a feed-out machine on a Mid Canterbury farm for more than an hour was flown to hospital with serious injuries. The accident highlights the latest provisional injury statistics from Stats NZ, which show there were 222,300 work-related claims made in 2022 – down 5200 from 2021.In the agricultural sector, there were 20,700 workplace injuries last year. In 2022, there were 22,299 workplace injuries reported in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries – the lowest since the data began in 2009. The latest accident was on a rural property at Staveley, northwest of Ashburton with emergency services working to help free a person who became stuck in the feed-out machine being towed by a tractor. St John sent a helicopter, an ambulance and first response unit. WorkSafe says it has been notified and is making initial enquiries.