An SOS – save our supply chain – call is going out to truck drivers today to get them back behind the wheel as New Zealand battles staff shortages. Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand chief executive Nick Leggett says they have launched a recruitment campaign for people who can drive a truck, but for whatever reason aren’t at the moment. He says for those trying to keep the supply chain operating these are extremely difficult circumstances. They are desperate for drivers with Class 2, 4 or 5 licences, suitable for a heavy vehicle, who can help save the supply chain by getting back in the driver’s seat. Nick Leggatt says staff shortages as a result of either Omicron or household contact isolation are hitting businesses throughout New Zealand so now, more than ever, we need every available trucks on the road delivering to supermarkets, pharmacists, hospitals, doctors, and everyone else who requires goods to get through this challenging time.