Another area that is finding it tough is the shearing industry. Shearing contractors are used to juggling  the usual challenges such as inclement weather but with the level 4 lockdown falling at their busiest time of year they are under real pressure. Federated Farmers  meat and wool chair Greg Anderson says under level 4 social distancing and mask wearing means there is room for fewer shearers and it takes longer to complete daily tallies when you have get pre-lamb shearing done in time. One South Canterbury Shearing says his business could lose up to $60,000 if the lockdown is extended. He’s also coping with a backlog of 10 days, because of bad weather and now the lockdown. Lambing in the lower South Island is about to get underway. Under its Covid-19 protocols, MPI considers shearing an essential service only when it involves animal welfare, or if it was undertaken to enable hygienic processing of the sheep.