German pharmaceutical and chemical company Bayer is taking a provision of NZ$6.45 billion against second-quarter earnings to put the company on a path to closure of thousands of US lawsuits over its Round Up weedkiller which contains the chemical glyphosate. The company is continuing to pursue legal appeals at the US Supreme Court and is hopeful of success but it has set aside the money to account for the possibility of managing the costs of the remaining claims through litigation or settlement. The company has faced thousands of legal actions from people claiming that glyphosate causes non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a type of cancer. Bayer bought  Monsanto in 2018 and inherited Roundup and all its litigation. The company has already spent US$9.6b through the courts. The company says it is to replace glyphosate in its Roundup weedkiller for the US residential lawn care market from 2023 but Bayer says this is not because of safety concerns, but rather to mitigate further lawsuits. Products containing glyphosate will still be available for professional and farm use.