Beef and Lamb NZ is urging farmers to get vaccinated after a person on a farm tested positive for Covid-19. Chief executive Sam McIvor understands someone on a farm has tested positive for the virus and is now following public health guidance. This is thought to be the first case on a farm in the current Delta outbreak. It has highlighted the urgency for farmers to get vaxxed and also be prepared should they catch the virus. Sam McIvor says the final decision on whether farmers are able to self-isolate on farm will be made by the local medical officer of health where they live. MPI, Beef + Lamb NZ Dairy NZ and Fed Farmers are among a group who have come up with protocols that may mean farmers are more likely to be able to say on their farm if they test positive. Apart from being vaccinated the next important thing is to have a pre-prepared plan in place and farmers should also talk to their meat processors to check whether stock will still be picked up from farms with confirmed cases. We will have more on this with Fed. Farmers Julie Geange on Round Up.