Harriet Bremner Collection

Harriet Bremner Collection

By Harriet Bremner

Bob ‘n’ Pops:
Based on a true story, 100% written, illustrated and printed in New Zealand, this exciting, colorful farm story will melt your heart while you journey with Pops to learn about her unique friendship with a southern man. A small sausage dog who relies on the helping hand of ‘Bob’ to get to the places she needs to go. Enjoy story time while you learn that having great friendships in life are so important. With her low tum and short legs where on earth did she go?

Be Safe, Be Seen:
Another exciting addition to the Gurt and Pops series! Join Pops and Ted on their farm safety adventure… A mini foxy who is simply out of control on the farm and a serious sausage dog who teaches Ted how to use his ‘Think Safe Brain’.
Have fun with tractors and motorbikes, ducklings and more when you venture into this practical, fun farming tale!

Use Your Voice: “Without speaking out there is no voice, with no voice there is no hope.”

Use Your Voice is set in the South Island High Country. A sausage dog (Poppy) and a huntaway (Jess) who has lost her bark, embark on a journey together where they find that it does make a difference when you learn how to use your voice. Sometimes you just need to learn how to use it.

Poppy and her farmyard friends help Jess (Will to Live Huntaway) through her tough time whilst also delivering important messages about mental health to children encouraging them to speak up about how they feel, that it’s okay to cry and how to tell others about their feelings.

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