The Girl Who Was Scared of Everything

The Girl Who Was Scared of Everything

By Emma Pascoe

Personal experiences of anxiety and depression inspire author and illustrator. 

One in five Kiwi kid’s will have been diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder by the age of 19 (Source: Mental Health Foundation NZ). 

Children need to know that these feelings of anxiety, while uncomfortable, can be overcome.  They are not alone in this process.

The Girl Who Was Scared of Everything is an encouraging book with clear, important messages for young people. It highlights how common anxiety is and emphasises seeking support while confronting fears.”
Dr. Sarah Bell-Booth, Clinical Psychologist

Emma Pascoe wrote and illustrated her debut children’s book as an outlet for her own anxiety.  Aged 22, Emma was born in Auckland and graduated from AUT with a degree in Graphic Design in 2018.

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