Container ships are hitting just 20 per cent of their New Zealand schedules, according to Affco. The $9.4 billion export meat sector is heading into its peak season and Affco has b ecome more strategin and reduced its proportion of chilled exports in favour of more frozen produc. General manager sales and marketing Mark de Lautour says Shipping chilled product is now high risk. But of course Chilled meat is a higher value export earner than frozen product with 16 per cent of all New Zealand meat exports were chilled, compared to 6 per cent in 1990. Talleys has signed up two more chartered break-bulk vessels, into which frozen meat can be loaded by crane and which don’t need to be unloaded at container terminals. Affco Silver Fern Farms and Anzco meat companies are sharing the space on the chartered ships. Affco exports more than 150,000 tonnes of meat to 80 countries a year.