Dairy prices finally lifted at the global auction overnight, after five consecutive losses, as other regions stepped in to take up the slack from weaker Chinese demand – affected by Covid-19 lockdowns. The Global Dairy Trade price index dropped up 1.5% and is now at $US 4,656 with North Asian buyers recording their fourth-smallest volume of whole milk powder at the latest auction.

So to the figures:

  • Anhydrous milk fat up 2.7% to $US6,201 per metric tonne
  • Butter – up 5.6% to $US6,068
  • Butter Milk Powder up 4.5% to $US4,398
  • Cheddar down 3.6% $US 5,365 per metric tonne

    And the powders:

  • Skim Milk up 3.0% to $US 4,240
  • Whole Milk down just slightly by 0.3% to US$4,158 per metric tonne

South East Asia purchased the largest volume of both milk powders taking well over half of the total whole milk powder sold, while European Union buyers bought almost three times more skim milk powder than at the previous auction. South East Asian and Middle Eastern buyers also increased their purchase volumes.