Demand for New Zealand strong wool is increasing but the industry needs to get the basics right to achieve its full potential, WoolWorks president Nigel Hales says. Nigel Hales is just back from China and says there are very positive signs for NZ wool but clip preparation has deteriorated and needs some serious correction. He says it comes back to the very basics done in the shearing shed. WoolWorks is NZ’s only wool scouring service provider and having attended the Nanjing Wool Market conference, the largest wool industry conference globally Mr Hales says it was extremely disappointing to hear complaints about the NZ wool clip. He says the Chinese were complaining bitterly about the deterioration of the NZ strong wool clip including poor clip preparation, discolouration and medullated fibre being left in the body wool. It means the wool is more prone to producing the “prickle-factor.”