DOC is concerned for its staff over a number of threats to attack its staff, slash vehicle tyres and shoot down helicopters. The Department is mounting a fresh security sweep of its offices after more than 20 serious threats and incidents involving social media posts over DOC’s use of 1080 poison. A total of  260 other threats have been logged in the last two and half years with  menacing messages about bombing vehicles, blocking roads, burning buildings, poisoning water supplies and targeting staff, contractors and ministers with violence. Nearly all related to DOC’s Himalayan tahr control o the 1080 poison to shield bird species like rock wren and orange-fronted parakeet or kākāriki karaka against stoats, possums and rats. DOC records include eight direct assaults against staff in the last two and a half years – with one 1080 opponent making a threat in person to shoot a staff member and slash the tyres of a DOC vehicle.