Farmers are feeling slightly more satisfied with relationships with their banks but interest rates are starting to rise and some are reporting a tougher attitude from lenders. The latest Fed Farmers Banking Survey shows 67 per cent of the more than 900 respondents are satisfied with their bank relationship – up 5.5 points on the May survey. Federated Farmers commerce spokesman Andrew Hoggard says a quarter of farmers say their lending conditions have changed since the May survey with most saying banks are now tougher. Nearly 90 per cent are paying mortgage interest rates of less than 5 per cent, with no one paying more than 10 per cent. The survey shows the average farm mortgage value has decreased from $4.27 million to $3.6 million and the median from $2.2 million to $2.1 million. Arable farms have overtaken dairy as the sector with the largest proportion of mortgages and the highest proportion of mortgages over $20 million. The survey also revealed ANZ has the biggest market share for both mortgages and overdrafts while farmers are most satisfied with Rabobank and Westpac.