Fewer farmers are feeling undue pressure from their bank but satisfaction rates continue to slide. 1,341 farmers responded to the Fed Farmers November Banking Survey and, 65.4% said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their bank relationship which is down 3% from May. Federated Farmers President and commerce spokesperson Andrew Hoggard says the November 2017 survey satisfaction was at 80.8%, and because Banks have been trying to reduce their exposure to agricultural lending it is not surprising. Andrew Hoggard says agricultural debt has been squeezed down with dairy farming bearing the brunt, and dairy debt down almost $2 billion over the past year to $39 billion. There is a slight drop in the number of farmers feeling under pressure from banks, from 19.3% in May to 18.4% last month. The pressure is highest for dairy farmers at 24.9% and arable farmers at 23.3%. Meat & wool farmers are feeling the least pressure at10.3%. Andrew Hoggard is back shortly on Round-Up.