A field blooming with thousands of sunflowers, intended to subdue speeding motorists, appears to be having the desired effect. The striking sight even has travellers pulling off the country road to pose and take photos with the radiant backdrop. Abbe Hoare planted 47,000 sunflower seeds in a half-hectare block just south of Pahīatua. They started flowering about 10 days ago and now the field is filled with bright yellow heads all facing east, which are expected to last until the end of February. Her aim was to slow drivers down to nearer the 70 k speed limit because she says they often treat the road like race track. She hoped the flowers would be attention grabbers and it proved correct. News of the sunflowers spread on social media and Abbe Hoare has been inundated with people wanting to visit, to take photographs in the field and she now has a side hustle of cut sunflowers for sale.