Fonterra is partnering with the Edison of Medicine on an exciting new value added product. It aims to design dairy products that incorporate timed control release of specific nutrients such as probiotics that can be directed to specific parts of the body and be more beneficial. World renowned scientist and billionaire Dr Robert Langers biotechnology company VitaKey specialises in the precision delivery of nutrition. Dr Langer is a co-founder of Moderna which came up with one of the Covid 19 vaccines. His research has resulted in more than 40 biotech companies with an estimated market value of more than $250 billion. Dr Langer says he hopes this will be a health game changer. So Fonterra maybe the first Dairy Co-op to have its products on Mars. The big co-op is the only dairy company working with the US-based VitaKey and is looking to sell more value added products by using its dairy culture library based in Palmerston North. Along with its research and development centre the library has more than 40,000 strains two of which address digestive issues and immunity and are among the top five global probiotics.