Fonterra’s business in Russia is probably worthless and the company should walk away from it, an industry leader says. New Zealand’s largest company, has suspended shipments to Russia but continues to operate its entities in the country at this stage. Fonterra’s director of global sustainability, Si-mon Tucker says the company has seven staff based in Moscow and another 35 at the Unifood joint venture it operates in St Petersburg. Federated Farmers president and Fonterra shareholder Andrew Hoggard, reckons its pointless having any business in Russia because it is basically going to become a pariah state – so any money tied up there is probably lost. Andrew Hoggard doesn’t blame Fonterra for entering the Russian market, with its large population who are big consumers of dairy products. But he says …if Russia wants to be part of this planet, they need to get rid of their little d…head of a dictator of theirs…. referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.