Glyphosate safety could be put under the microscope again with the Environmental Law Initiative is pushing for a review of the herbicide. Glyphosate-based products are perhaps the most common weed killers used in New Zealand. The EPA last reviewed it in the 1970s. Sold under different brand names, including Roundup they are used in the garden at home, and in places like orchards, pastures, parks and sports grounds. The ELI says new evidence shows it is detrimental to the environment and human health, and says with Legal Director Matt Hall saying there are 90 approved containing glyphosate products in New Zealand he wants to review 83 of them. Manager of hazardous substances at the EPA Dr Chris Hill says if significant new information relating to the effects of a substance become available, there maybe grounds for reassessment. Glyphosate was approved for use before the Hazardous Substances Act came into force in 1996.