Yesterday we discussed the increasing number of burglaries and thefts of farm equipment, fuel and livestock on NZ farms. In a recent survey 50% of 1200 farmers who took part had experienced thefts. Now Australian developers have come up with satellite ear-tag technology that could speed up the process of tracking down stolen animals. Sometimes it can be months before a farmer knows their stock is missing, but this technology alerts the farmer when there is any unusual movements in real time and potentially stops thieves in their tracks. The tags have been developed by Ceres Tag, and chief executive, David Smith, says in a mock theft, 20 sheep were stolen and discovered 20 minutes later at a processing plant. Aussie Rural Crime Prevention Detective Cameron Whiteside says one of the biggest problems with rural crime, is the delay in reporting of crimes. Ceres Tag, say they can track the animals via satellite with unlimited range, and catch the culprits, which is a game changer.