It seems the ubiquitous burger is becoming a crowd favourite on Kiwi menus. According to Ryan Bell, general manager of sales at First Light Foods says it may have something to do with the lockdowns but growth in burger patty sales is up 41 per cent on last year. 109,764 burger units were sold this financial year – equal to 44,000 kilograms, or 44 metric tons. Countdown’s head of meat, deli, seafood and perishable, Nikhil Sawant, says they have seen a significant increase in Kiwis adding burgers to their home cooking menus with sales up by over 85 per cent in the last year and premium burger patty sales rose by well over 150 per cent. Simon Limmer, chief executive of Silver Fern Farms, says its Honest burger brand patties with 97 per cent red meat content, fit in with the new consumer trend of eating less red meat and better quality meat. Silver Fern Farms burger category sales increased 15 per cent in one year.