Australians are being advised to keep children off quad bikes of any size, not carry passengers, loads or spray tanks and wear helmets. The latest report from the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety says quad bikes have accounted for 15 of 69 on-farm injury deaths in recent years, leading farm fatalities for the fifth consecutive year.   Director Dr Tony Lower says quad bikes and tractors alone account for 40 per cent of deaths. Dr Lower says it is obvious quad bikes are ‘not suited’ to a majority of farm tasks.   He says, however, given the high rate of rollover incidents, if a quad is still to be used, then a suitably tested crush protection device should be fitted. Similar to NZ agriculture in Australia ranks only second behind road transport as Australia’s most dangerous industry. On NZ farms, there are an estimated 100,000 quads in daily use around the country.   On average, 850 people are injured and five die every year while riding quad bikes on New Zealand farms.