Kiwifruit workers are earning big money but a union says they need more job security of employment. Kiwifruit Growers are paying 18 per cent more per hour for staff this kiwifruit season than last. On average you can earn $27.03 an hour for picking green kiwifruit and $29.24 for picking gold kiwifruit. While skilled pack house workers get $25.63 an hour and unskilled $22.35 per hour. Summerfruit NZ chief executive Kate Hellstrom says employers are also offering incentives such as accommodation, travel and meals and bonuses for workers who stay the entire season. But First Union is now campaigning to have better job security and guaranteed minimum hours for workers. Coordinator Anita Rosentreter says workers wouldn’t have to work a 60-hour week if they were guaranteed enough hours to consistently make a living throughout the season. She says with the uncertainty of hours week to week people are living between this work and a benefit which the Union says is unreasonable. About 23,000 workers are employed in the kiwifruit industry at the height of the season, which runs between March to May.