Lincoln University’s dairy farm plan to reduce twice a day milking to 10 milkings in seven days has proved to be more of a challenge this season. The commercial demonstration farm at Lincoln hoped that reducing milking to 10 milkings over seven days would take a lot of pressure off cows and staff. Manager Peter Hancox says the intended lower costs and 5 per cent less milk production than last season failed to pan out. He says pastures were down on energy after a wet season and as a result The herd is milked only twice a day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and was down 8 per cent in production compared with twice-a-day milking last season. On the positive side staff hours were a five days on two days off roster just like the city folk, the farm went from four staff to three reducing expenses and there was less lameness and cows were in better condition. Peter Hancox says they trust the science and are going to try again – hoping for a better season weather wise this year.