New Zealand’s honey industry wants to educate ‘conscious foodie’ consumers offshore about its diverse range of native honey varieties. Apiculture New Zealand has joined forces with New Zealand Story to create promotional material about lesser-known honey varieties. Karin Kos, Chief Executive of Apiculture New Zealand says although mānuka honey continues to yield strong export prices,  the shrinking margins for non-mānuka styles mean producers are now competing in a commoditised market. Over the past few years, New Zealand beekeepers producing non-mānuka honey have seen a dramatic fall in their honey prices and the challenge as an industry is to raise the profile of all New Zealand honey and establish a price premium. New Zealand produces a variety of honey from native plants unique to the country. As a result, we have honey flavours unlike anywhere else, and while the mighty mānuka has given us a honey profile envied around the world, it is time to let other honey, like rātā, kāmahi and pōhutukawa, shine.