New Zealand shoppers are paying almost double the Australian price for the same block of cheese at the supermarket. A Countdown-branded 1kg block of Tasty Cheese is selling for $18.50 in New Zealand. In Australia the same block of cheese was sold by Countdown parent company Woolworths, for NZ$10.88. A 500g block of Fonterras Mainland cheese, sells for $14 in New Zealand and $8.25 in Australia. Countdown says while the cheeses have the same name, tasty cheese in Australia is different to tasty cheese in New Zealand, and has different costs associated. Fonterra Brands managing director, Brett Henshaw says it’s difficult to compare prices in the two countries as New Zealand exports 95% of its dairy products, while Australia only exports 30% with the rest sold to the domestic market. He says Fonterra can only recommend retail prices and its retailers that set the final price of goods at their discretion.