New Zealanders are wasting less of their food than a year ago with household food waste dropping to 12.2% from 13.4% in 2022. Rabobank’s KiwiHarvest Food Waste Survey reveals households are spending more on food and with an increase in the number of households the overall value of wasted food across New Zealand continues to rise. Food waste now totals $3.2 billion per annum up $100 million on 2022. In the survey 74% of Kiwis say they are most concerned about ‘the wasted money’ resulting from food waste. 50% of people are concerned about food going off before you can eat it’ while 32% says food going off ‘before use by and best before dates’ is the main reason cited for their food waste. 18-26 year old Gen Zers say they waste nearly 20% less than last year but they continue to be the most wasteful of all the age groups. The survey found the value of food wasted per household remains relatively unchanged at $1,510 this year and $1,520 last year.