New Zealand pig farmers are urging Kiwis to back the industry and have their say on a controversial draft code of welfare. A new website SUPPORT NZ PIG FARMERS DOT CO DOT NZ provides information on the changes proposed by the Government. Chief executive of NZ Pork Brent Kleiss, says the draft welfare code for pigs could result in the deaths of thousands of additional piglets, pig farms shutting down and Kiwi consumers having to rely on even more imported pork. The draft code – which is much tougher than welfare requirements in other countries – includes colossal changes to the minimum space allowance required for grower pigs and a limitation on the traditional use of farrowing crates. Brent Kleiss says imported pork is not required to meet our high standards and these proposed changes could force farmers out of business and put the price of New Zealand pork out of the reach of many Kiwis.