Otis Oat Milk has grown into a brand now stocked nationwide. A freshly-inked deal with Countdown will put Otis, New Zealand’s first homegrown oat milk, on the shelves at the supermarket giant’s stores around the country. It is also available at New World and Farro. Otis is also putting 1 per cent of its total sales towards making oats a “viable and exciting farming alternative with the aim of helping farmers diversify by growing oats . Co-founder Tim Ryan says a litre of oat milk needs 11 times less land and 13 times less water than a litre  dairy milk. Around 70 arable farmers from the New Zealand Oat Growers group operate a crop rotation system for the company. Oat milk is the fastest growing plant-based milk category in the world and is expected to be a NZ$56billion global industry by 2024. New Zealand-grown oats are especially high in beta glucan, a natural fibre, that helps lower cholesterol, improves blood sugar control, and boosts the immune system. Tim Ryan says there is enormous potential for New Zealand farmers who would like to shift towards producing higher-value and more environmentally sustainable products.