Phase two of Groundswell NZ is about to begin. Following the lack of any response from the Government over last month’s Howl of A Protest where farmers drove their tractors into 50 towns and cities to show their displeasure at the amount of change they are facing, Organisers have now come up Can You Hear Us? So for the next four Fridays at 12:30 people all around the country are being asked to toot their horns or blast hooters for two minutes as a show of solidarity. Organiser Bryce Mckenzie says they have struggled to keep some of the more radical opposition under the reins: On Monday, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor said he welcomed good robust discussion, and it is not true to say that the Government doesn’t care for farmers, or that it doesn’t listen to farmers. Groundswell says it is building up to another major nationwide protest in November but it is remaining silent on what it will be, other than to say it will be massive