Salaries for farm workers across the dairy, sheep, beef and arable sectors have increased over the past two years. A Rabobank report shows farm salaries were up by 14% since 2020, with the mean salary rising to $63,931. Dairy sector salaries were up an average 15%, sheep and beef positions up 14% and arable salaries up by an average of 8%. Rabobank New Zealand chief executive Todd Charteris says for the sector it has to be viewed as an attractive place to work and competitive rewards is a key in enticing school-leavers and other workers into on-farm roles. Arable workers earn the largest average salary at $65,498, about a grand more than dairy workers with sheep and beef salaries at $62,352. The most senior dairy position jumped 27% from two years ago to a mean of $107,593. Accommodation was being provided for 75% of dairy workers employees, 61% of sheep and beef employees and 41% of arable workers.