500 kiwi shearers would in a normal year be heading to Australia to help clip that nations flock but this year most have stayed home. So what are the Aussie farmers doing about shearing their sheep? Shearing Contractors Assn of Australia Secretary Jason Letchford says many farmers are changing the weeks and months when they normally shear to accommodate the missing shearers. He also says they have put a lot of emphasis on training up new shearers and re-training those returning to the industry. Meanwhile Invercargill shearer Nathan Stratford has won a fifth national finewool championship on Saturday. It was the 60th New Zealand Merino Shears Open final in a near-empty Molyneaux Stadium in Alexandra. Nathan has won the event in 2006, 2009, 2016 and 2018. The next round is on the long strongwool of the New Zealand Spring Shears in Waimate next Friday and Saturday.