Strong European demand for chilled venison has buoyed confidence in the deer industry, but venison marketers report ongoing challenges. Shipments of chilled venison will soon be heading off to supply the European game season, with exporting companies reporting good demand for venison this year despite prices for other proteins having softened. But fewer deer will be available for the chilled season this year with Deer Industry New Zealand chief executive Innes Moffat saying the reduction in supply is coinciding with solid demand for NZ venison from the main European importers. Some marketers have chilled contract prices of over $10 a kilogram in October – 22% higher than the previous year Along with the economic situation and the war in Ukraine, shipping has been a recurrent challenge for venison deliveries over the past few years. Container availability has improved and global shipping services are reported as being 65% back to normal, but NZ is lagging behind. Airfreight quantities of chilled product to customers in November and December will help supplement supplies, but with airfreight costs high, volumes are expected to remain low.