Supermarket giant Foodstuffs has jumped on the bandwagon of trying to hold food prices in these inflationary times. Following its main rival Countdown who announced a temporary price freeze for 500 items over Winter, Foodstuffs is cutting 10% off the cost of hundreds of staple food items. Starting next week and until mid-August, New World Four Square and Pack n Save stores will cut prices on meat, vegetables, butter and cheese, tea, coffee, sugar, flour, nappies and soap. Vege growers are concerned that the price reduction may undercut their profits. United Fresh NZ Chair Jerry Prendergast says while he applauds the move .. growers have to wait and see what items are on the list .. which will be announced next week. Meanwhile Vegetables NZ head John Murphy supports any move that sees kiwis eat more fruit and vegetables but his concerned that costs of fuel fertilizer and labour are increasing all the time.