Pork lovers will need to pay at least 18.8 per cent more for their New Zealand raised pork to cover pig farmers’ costs if proposed changes to the pigs code of welfare go-ahead. This is not an NZ Pork statement but it comes from an independent report commissioned by the Government. Australasian consultancy group Sapere, analysed the financial impacts of the proposed draft code on the pork industry and on consumers, and it warns that competition from offshore pork imports would undercut New Zealand prices — reducing sales of New Zealand pork. Taranaki Pig Farmer Karl Stanley says the cost of implementing the proposed code would cost him $3 million. The Government’s Consultants also predict pig farmers will struggle to obtain or pay back loans needed to rebuild their farms and worked out that a pig farm would need to save existing cash earnings for 19 years to cover the investment required to meet the proposed changes.