The poultry industry is in a state of shock  following the detection of Salmonella Enteritidis. NZ has been one of a few countries that does not have Salmonella in chicken and Poultry Industry Association Executive Director  Michael Brooksand says its been found in three flocks of meat chickens and on three egg farms in the North Island. None of the affected eggs or meat has entered the market for human consumption, but he says it is a real blow to the industry. He says the industry is putting in place systems to ensure testing is of the highest level and consumers are protected. The affected meat birds and layers have been culled meaning some farmers have lost their entire flocks at a cost of over $100,000. In some cases around 130,000 birds have been culled out of a flock of 4.1 million. MPI has tightened export requirements for poultry and is ramping up testing for all poultry producers. As a precaution, people should cook their eggs thoroughly, store eggs in the fridge and practice general kitchen hygiene.