The first New Zealand homegrown oat milk is now in supermarkets nationwide. Otis Oat Milk’s new supply deal coincides with the company’s launch of its 1% Fund where 1% of Otis Oat Milks total sales go to fund projects that farmers to diversify into growing oats. From now on Otis Oat Milk cartons will be lining shelves around the country in Countdown, New World, Farro and Moore Wilson. He says producing a litre of oat milk requires 11 times less land and 13 times less water than producing one litre of dairy milk. Oats also suck carbon from the air, pull nitrogen from the soil and use hardly any water, plus they don’t burp, fart or urinate. Oat milk has overtaken almond and soy in the UK, Germany, Sweden and is picking up in the US, he said. There are plans for a plant in Southland which could be operating by the end of 2022.