Thousands of farmers, tradies, business people and families gathered at 70 gatherings tooting their ute horns driving tractors and encouraging their howling dogs in unified protest on Friday. The “Howl of a Protest” event organised by a volunteer group of farmers Groundswell NZ galvanised the rural community. Hundreds of farmers clogged up the Southern Motorway and headed into Aucklands CBD in their tractors, heavy farm equipment and utes to participate in the protest. And a protest planned for Christchurch had to be limited in Cathedral Square as organisers were expecting too many participants. Groups were spread out around the city. And the scene was replicated all over NZ with  continuous tooting of horns and the rumbling of big tractors. Signs including ‘Black Utes Matter’ and ‘Bureacracy is the art of making the possible impossible’ could be seen on the backs of vehicles. Marlborough farmer Jo Grigg joined the hundreds of vehicles at the Blenheim event.