They came In utes tractors, even on horseback and took the Groundswell Mother of All Protests to the country. The heart of the protest is a range of Government legislation including Three Waters reforms and the proposed “ute tax”. A convoy of dozens of tractors and cars passed caused gridlock in Queen St…. in Pukekohe, protesters rode on horseback. Traffic came to a standstill in Gore, New Plymouth, Timaru and Invercargill. They turned out in Marlborough, Christchurch and In Nelson, the convoy took nearly 45 minutes to pass through Rutherford St in the city centre. A less eventful protest in Wellington saw about 50 vehicles, including two tractors, drive laps around Parliament and were met with a counter-protest by Extinction Rebellion with messaging about climate change. While the protest was not as effective as the July “Howl of a Protest” organiser Bryce McKenzie says the issues have not gone away and they want to hear from the Government …or there will be another gathering in the new year.