Thieves are getting smarter – using drones to case the joint before moving in to work their evil. North Canterbury farmers think theres a link between rogue drones spotted at their properties and burglaries in the same area.  Police   are investigating reported drone incidents in rural North Canterbury, but are not commenting on any link between drone sightings and burglaries in the area. Swannanoa contract milker Wayne Pritchard who’s already been burgled twice, saw a drone hovering above a dairy shed on Monday night. A second drone was spotted buzzing around the farm owner’s house, and three suspicious vehicles were spotted nearby.  The farm owner reported the sightings and vehicle registration numbers to the police. Other residents also reported seeing drones on their properties in the area. The incidents are not confined to Canterbury with reports of a drone  spotted scouting a farm near Matamata days before a farm shed was burgled.