Tu Meke Tuatara

Tu Meke Tuatara

By Malcolm Clarke and FLOX

A little kindness goes a long way . . . from the award-winning author and illustrator of Tu Meke Tūī!

Tahi the Tuatara is down in the dumps and no matter what his friend, Roger the Ruru tries, nothing seems to change his mood. It’s not until they answer a cry for help that their journey takes an unexpected turn.

Tu Meke Tuatara! is a story about empathy, friendship and discovering that sometimes the best way we can feel better about ourselves, is to help someone else.

Malcolm Clarke and acclaimed artist FLOX had huge success with their first book Tu Meke Tūī! The Te Reo Māori edition won a coveted New Zealand Book Award and sold over 20,000 copies in all editions – hardback, English and Te Reo Māori.

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Malcolm Clarke is passionate about conservation and storytelling. After the success of Tu Meke Tūī!, Malcolm realised the value in creating positive memories with our native world through literature, so children are more likely to become kaitiaki (guardians) in the future.

FLOX is a high-profile aerosol and stencil artist. Her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers are a celebration of New Zealand’s environmental taonga (treasure), while the work continually aspires to wider international audiences.

MARY EGAN PUBLISHING: 16 November 2020,
RRP: $30.00

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