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Country TV is the only television channel dedicated to providing interesting and relevant information and entertainment to New Zealand farmers as well as the rural & equestrian communities. Country TV is home to a rich selection of the very best agricultural, rural sporting, country music, equestrian and lifestyle programmes both from here in New Zealand and abroad. Our own rural News and Weather show “The Daily Report” hosted by Mark Leishman and Aaron Wilkinson provides the only comprehensive rural news and weather service available. In our studio, we also produce “Point of View”, our flagship current affairs show also hosted by Mark Leishman.

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  • Epic Trails

    Mondays At 08:30 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    Epic Trails is a visually stunning and inspiring TV series that follows wilderness adventurer, Eric Hanson, on his journey to discover the world’s top trails. Each 30-minute episode follows Eric on his world travels, while taking viewers on breath taking adventures, and telling the unique stories of the places and the people that Eric encounters along the way.
    Included in his exploring adventures is the world-renowned Abel Tasman National Park by foot, and by sea kayak, plus the Larapinta Trail and Kakadu National Park.

  • Canada In The Rough

    Sundays At 08:30 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    Canada in the Rough features the majestic mountains of British Columbia, the endless horizons of the open prairies, the mysterious bogs of Newfoundland, the mystical boreal forest of Ontario’s Canadian Shield and the desert-like beauty of the high Arctic. We take our cameras across our vast and wondrous land to bring you a hunting experience you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Wild Game Cooking

    Wednesday At 08:00 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    WILD GAME COOKING presents some quick and easy ways to prepare wild game.
    From rabbit and venison to alligator and bear, Chef Rupert Boreland and his team of guest chefs prepare wild game dishes that are delicious and nothing that you’d expect.
    Cooking wild game is more than boiled meat, and Wild Game Cooking shows you how to get the most out of your wild game.

  • Pro Bull

    Sunday Nights At 07:30 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    Pro Bull is one of the toughest sports on dirt: An 8-second contest of strength, balance and endurance between the world’s best bull riders and the strongest bulls! The combination of intense sports action and world-class production can’t be rivaled by any other major league sport.

  • Country Music News

    Saturdays At 08:30 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    Want the current news in country music? Aubree Anna has the artists who top the music charts, breaking news on record releases, artist life events, and sits down with artists to find out what causes and foundations they support and the story behind why.

  • Dream Gardens


    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV

    Each episode Michael charts the evolution of a garden from design plan through construction to the spectacular end result.
    From tiny inner-city plots to suburban backyards and generous country holdings, everyday Aussies share the hard work, challenges, and adventure of making their dream a reality.

  • Ag PhD

    Fridays At 09:30 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    Ag PhD is a half-hour show, packed with tips on how to grow your crops. You’ll learn how to pick the right herbicides for your farm, to better fertilize your crops, and to stop those yield-robbing insects and diseases.

  • Point Of View

    Fridays At 07:30 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    Presented by Mark Leishman, Point of View gets straight to the real issues affecting the rural sector, featuring guests that discuss and provide inside information for farmers and growers each week.

  • Rugby In Our Blood

    Monday Nights

    This series follows grass root rugby players to ex All Blacks, and their communities.

  • Back Roads

    Monday Nights At 08:30 PM

    Back Roads takes viewers to some of Australia’s most interesting and resilient communities. These towns are full of colourful characters whose grit and good humour will continue to uplift and inspire. In this series we take viewers on a road trip along New South Wales’ spectacular Waterfall Way, the innovative former timber town of Scottsdale in North-East Tasmania, a voyage of discovery along the Murray River in South Australia, the “bogan” town of Nyngan in NSW and the fascinating multicultural agricultural town of Robinvale which also has a fascinating war history.

  • The Daily Report

    Weeknights At 07:00 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    The Daily Report remains the flagship show in the Country TV line-up of local programming and is a rural specific news and weather show that includes financial updates and stockyard reports. Presented by veteran broadcaster Mark Leishman and weather analyst Aaron Wilkinson, The Daily Report delivers all the key information pertinent to agribusiness.

  • Landline

    Fridays At 08:00 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    Australia’s number one agricultural television programme returns this month. We’ll keep you up to date with issues affecting rural and regional Australia, including farming, agriculture, economics, innovation, climate, infrastructure and more.

  • Farmweek


    Fridays At 09:00 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    Farmweek presents agricultural insights from specialists and scientists. From the novice with a few tomato plants to the farmer with acres of farmland, this show will educate and inspire you with fresh ideas.

  • American Farmer

    Friday Nights At 10:00 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    American Farmer is a breakthrough program on a mission to showcase the latest advancements in agriculture and farming. From seed to harvest to livestock and more, its producers travel the country covering the people, places and issues impacting all areas of farm country. Hear the untold stories from farmers instrumental to the crop cultivation of the fresh foods and textiles we enjoy daily.

  • National Tractor Pulling Champs 2020

    Sunday Nights

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV

    The competitor pulling the furthest distance without going out of bounds is declared the victor of the National Tractor Pulling Champs 2020.

  • Coop Dreams

    Mondays At 07:30 PM

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    Our 6th year of homesteading was a roller coaster of learning, fun and crazy emotions.  We harvested the most delicious honey ever but lost two of our hives over the winter.  We had 6 baby goats born in the spring but are still no better at milking.  Charlie, our rescue turkey, brought us great joy with his amazing personality and ability to sneak up on us but we lost him to a leg infection we could not get under control.

  • FEI Jumping Nations Cup

    Tuesday Nights

    Video on Demand

    The FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping series is equestrian’s oldest and most prestigious team challenge, with national teams from around the globe competing in the Olympic discipline of Jumping for one of the coveted prizes in this discipline.

  • Rural Delivery

    Monday Nights

    SKY Channel 81 / Live TV / Video on Demand

    An agricultural business show, showcasing the latest innovations and technology in the New Zealand rural sector, plus interviews with industry leaders, news headlines, market data, and weather. The show provides news and information for all farmers.