Friday Night Agribusiness

Friday night is our Agribusiness theme night. This night is dedicated to providing programming, both locally and internationally that informs and educates on agribusiness issues and subjects.

Friday Night Agribusiness

  • 7.30pm Point of View
  • 8.00pm Landline
  • 9.00pm Farmweek
  • 9.30pm Rare Breed – A Farming Year
  • 10.00pm Ag PhD

Point of View

Fridays at 7.30pm
On Friday nights, Point of View follows popular farming bulletin The Daily Report. Point of View is an interview styled current affairs programme featuring prominent figures in the industry who are discussing relevant and up to date topics with show host, Mark Leishman. Some examples of previously featured guests are political figures such as Hon. Jo Goodhew and Damien O’Connor or industry professionals like David Jones, Andrew Curtis and many more. Read More


Fridays at 8.00pm
Australia’s number one agricultural television programme returns this month. We’ll keep you up to date with issues affecting rural and regional Australia, including farming, agriculture, economics, innovation, climate, infrastructure and more.


Fridays at 9.00pm
Farmweek presents agricultural insights from specialists and scientists. From the novice with a few tomato plants to the farmer with acres of farmland, this show will educate and inspire you with fresh ideas.

Rare Breed – A Farming Year

Fridays at 9.30pm

Rare Breed is the ground-breaking year-in-the-life documentary series charting the reality of farming in Northern Ireland. The series, in its ninth year, features several people including three families whose daughters are stepping up to look after the family business along with a new community farm in County Antrim. In Fermanagh, the series also meets a young couple running a dairy enterprise.

RARE BREED – A Farming Year

Ag PhD

Fridays at 10.00pm

Ag PhD is a half-hour show, packed with tips on how to grow your crops. You’ll learn how to pick the right herbicides for your farm, to better fertilize your crops, and to stop those yield-robbing insects and diseases.