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Goldengrove Studfarm Central & Southern Hawkes Bay Showjumping 2020

This episode features highlights from the Goldengrove Studfarm Central & Southern Hawkes Bay Showjumping 2020
Including the Country TV Pony Grand Prix and the POLi Payments FEI World Cup NZ League Final

Episode On Air Time

Goldengrove Studfarm Central & Southern Hawkes Bay Showjumping 2020

14-Apr-20 8.30pm

FEI Dressage World Cup 2019/2020

The FEI Dressage World Cup is the only worldwide series in the discipline combining art, sport, and partnership.

Episode On Air Time
Madrid, Spain 10-Dec-19 9.30pm
Salzburg, Austria 17-Dec-19 9.30pm
London Olympia, Great Britain 24-Dec-19 9.30pm
Mechelen, Belgum 7-Jan-20 9.30pm
Amsterdam, Netherlands 4-Feb-20 9.30pm
Neumunster, Germany 25-Feb-20 8.30pm
Goteborg, Sweden 03-Mar-20 8.30pm
S-Hertogenbosh, Netherlands 24-Mar-20 8.30pm
Season Review 07-Apr-20 8.30pm
Las Vegas, USA Cancelled Cancelled

FEI Jumping World Cup 2019/20

The annual international indoor showdown for the world’s best jumping horses and riders.  Today, Oslo, Norway for the 2019/20 FEI World Cup Jumping series. 

Episode On Air Time
Madrid, Spain 10-Dec-19 8.30pm
La Coruna, Spain 24-Dec-19 8.30pm
London Olympia, Great Britain 7-Jan-20 8.30pm
Mechelen, Belgum 14-Jan-20 8.30pm
Basel, Switzerland 21-Jan-20 8.30pm
Leipzig, Germany 28-Jan-20 8.30pm
Amsterdam, Netherlands 4-Feb-20 8.30pm
Bordeaux, France 18-Feb-20 8.30pm
Gothenbourg, Swiden 03-Mar-20 9.30pm
Season Review 10-Mar-20 9.30pm
Las Vegas, USA Cancelled Cancelled

FEI WC Jumping North America 2019/20

Highlights from the FEI World Cup Jumping 2019/20 North American League series.

Episode On Air Time
Toronto, ON, Canada 3-Dec-19 8.30pm
Guadalajara, Mexico 14-Jan-20 9.30pm
Wellington, FL, USA 18-Feb-20 9.30pm
Leon, Mexico 25-Feb-20 9.30pm
Ocala, FL, USA 24-Mar-20 9.30pm
Las Vegas, NV Final, USA Cancelled Cancelled

FEI Jumping Nations Cup (new season in 2020)

The FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping series is equestrian’s oldest and most prestigious team challenge, with national teams from around the globe competing in the Olympic discipline of Jumping for one of the coveted prizes in this discipline.

As its name indicates, this flagship series embraces the idea of horsemanship, chivalry and equestrian knowledge; it aims to unite nations and foster lifelong enthusiasm for the universe of horses. The participating teams will acquire points at each qualifying leg according to their placing to qualify for the thrilling Final.

FEI Eventing Nations Cup​ (new season in 2020)

Sometimes described as the equestrian triathlon, the Olympic Discipline of Eventing combines Dressage, Cross Country and Jumping and competing requires bravery, precision and experience on the part of the riders and horses.

FEI Driving World Cup 2019/2020 

The FEI Driving World Cup 2019/2020 series consists of 10 events, featuring teams from France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Episode On Air Time
Stuttgart, Germany 3-Dec-19 7.30pm
Stockolm, Sweden 3-Dec-19 8.00pm
Budapest, Hongry 10-Dec-19 7.30pm
Geneva, Swetzerland 10-Dec-19 8.00pm
London Olympia, UK 7-Jan-20 8.00pm
Mechelen, Belgium 28-Jan-20 8.00pm
Leipzig. Germany 18-Feb-20 7.30pm
Final Bordeaux, France 18-Feb-20 8.00pm


FEI Equestrian World (new season in 2020)

The FEI Equestrian World magazine focuses on the spirit of equestrian sport and the lifestyle surrounding it. It reflects the seven FEI disciplines, with the main emphasis on the Olympic disciplines Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. Tune in and enjoy behind-the-scenes, personality, lifestyle-led features combined with latest news and results from all the major FEI Championships and FEI series.