When next at your local McDonalds or KFC pat yourself on the back for helping provide important income to local farmers, especially potato growers. McDonald’s New Zealand Managing director David Howse, says the company bought $498 million in 2021 from Kiwi farmers, growers and bakers. It also exported $325m of local produce. The half billion dollars bought 98 million buns, rolls and bagels. 6.8 million litres of milk 10.6 million free-range eggs, and 1.6 million kilograms of cheese. 11.6 million kilograms of locally produced cheese was exported and New Zealand was one of 10 countries supplying beef for McDonald’s, with 60.7 million kilograms exported to other McDonald’s markets – an increase of 35.4 million kilograms from 2020. 155,000 tonnes of frozen fries were produced from domestically grown potatoes, and about 77, 000 tonnes were exported . Along with grass-raised beef and cheese, exports included 93,000 kilograms of potatoes from Canterbury, 89,000 kilograms of chicken from the Waikato, and 523,000 kilograms of fish from Motueka-based Talley’s.