A big year of sales in 2022 for tractors and machinery has now fallen back to 2021 levels with the industry looking at the coming months with uncertainty. Tractor and Machinery Association President Kyle Baxter says last year was a big, big year for tractor sales, but that had not continued into 2023. The market is subduing and falling back into 2021 figures. Whether that continues in the next six to nine months we don’t know. There are a lot of headwinds. The association’s statistics showed in February a total of 193 tractors were sold in New Zealand compared to 298 in the same month last year, down 35%. In the year to date there had been 440 tractors sold, down 25%; in 2022 there were 592 sold. 70% of New Zealand’s tractors are imported from Europe with 15% from Asia and the remainder from North America.