A breakthrough technology to reduce methane is being trialed by Craigmore Sustainables in a first for the New Zealand dairy industry. Craigmore’s 400-hectare dairy farm in North Canterbury is the first commercial dairy farm in New Zealand to adopt EcoPond, which is an effluent treatment system that removes virtually all methane emitted from effluent ponds with an additive normally used in the treatment of drinking water. The farm milks 1100 cows and the cutting edge technology is the result of a collaboration between Ravensdown and Lincoln University. Craigmore’s General Manager of Farming Stuart Taylor says EcoPond is an important trial to find innovative ways to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impacts. Iron sulphate treatment is highly effective in reducing methane emissions by restricting the growth of the methane producing microorganisms known as methanogens. Initial tests showed effluent treated with iron sulphate through EcoPond saw a 95% reduction in CH4 (methane). Stuart Taylor says the technology is another example of New Zealand’s primary sector leading the world in reducing emissions and addressing climate change.