A potential change to country of origin labelling practices which confuse consumers about where products come from. NZPork is particularly pleased Parliament’s Regulations Review Committee has recommended clearer labelling after complaining that food labelling regulations do give consumers accurate information about the country of origin of pork, particularly with ham and bacon, but also in marinated pork, sausages and salami. Currently pork products such as bacon or ham can be labelled “made in New Zealand”, while in fine print there is a list of countries the pork may be sourced from. NZPork chief executive Brent Kleiss says clear country of origin labelling allows consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. He says Kiwis should look for the ‘100% NZ’ pork labelling or NZPork’s PigCare label on pork packaging. More than 60% of pork consumed in New Zealand is imported and produced using practices that are illegal in this country. Kiwi pig farmers just want a fair go.