Cheese exports rose $763 million (35%) in the 12 months to May 2023, compared with the previous year, according to figures released by Stats NZ. Over the same period, cheese quantities exported rose 6.9%, and the average price per kilogram rose 26%. Cheddar cheese made up 43% of total cheese exported or $1.3 billion and was the top category exported in the year to May 2023. mozzarella and cream cheese made up 18% ($528 million), and grated or powdered cheese made up 15% ($456 million) of the total. China was the leading destination for cheese exported with $784 million worth of cheese exported to China 26% of total cheese exports. Japan made up 18% ($530 million) of total exports and Australia made up 11% (336 million). In terms of value, cheddar was the top cheese export to Japan ($249 million), Australia ($211 million), and Korea ($151 million) in the 12 months to May 2023.