Farmer-owned cooperatives Ravensdown and Balance have reduced fertilizer prices, with some products down as much as $200 per tonne. Last year fertilizer prices were up by as much as 25%. Ravensdown has reduced prices on urea by $150 per tonne and granular ammonium sulphate by $100 per tonne. Balance products have come down by up to $200 per tonne. Southland wheat, barley, oats, hemp, tulip and peas grower Blair Drysdale says the drop in fertilizer prices benefit some dairy farmers at this time of year because they want to grow extra grass before winter. Drysdale generally applies fertilizer to crops in spring. Ravensdown chief operating officer Mike Whitty says in a company autumn outlook fertilizer prices are down from a high last year, but have not returned to the levels seen before 2020.